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Nous vivons à une époque où nous sommes nombreux, avec de nombreuses marques et plusieurs choix à faire. SodaStream veut vous aider à faire le bon choix, pour vous et pour votre famille. Le bien-être et la santé sont des points très important dans notre agenda et cela ne reste pas dans les paroles. Sodastream à une large gamme des saveurs "meilleur-pour-vous" qui convient à tous les régimes, toutes les habitudes alimentaires et tout le monde y trouve son goût préféré. Quand il s'agit de boissons gazeuses, nous réfléchissons autrement!

Nous ne sommes pas vendus comme boissons gazeuses en magasin
Nous sommes le choix "Meilleurs-Pour-Vous"

Health and Wellness

Your Body Needs 9 Glasses Of Liquid Each Day

Many beverages with high water content contribute to the body’s hydration, including SodaStreams carbonated soft drinks. And they do a world of good to every part of your body:

  • Brain: Staying hydrated is the perfect way to beat brain fog.
  • Cells: Our bodies need enough water to carry nutrients and oxygen to cells and to help remove toxins and other wastes.
  • Digestion: Adequate hydration aids in digestion and absorption of food and nutrients, keeping the digestive process efficient.
  • Protection: The fluids in our body cushion joints and protect tissues and organs, including the spinal cord and brain.
  • Heart: Even mild dehydration can impair heart function, leading to palpitations and an increase in blood pressure.
  • Skin: We all know that staying well-hydrated even helps keeps skin supple and healthy.

So make sure you Fizz a little hydration into your life!

Our Green Tea Contains 30% Vitamin C

With 30% vitamin C and no Caffeine, the green tea mix is the ultimate refreshing drink! SodaStream’s Ice Tea range includes delicious blends balanced perfectly with your favorite fruity flavors!
Our Ice tea range, and Green Tea in particular, will have you feeling balanced and at peace in no time.

SodaStream Cola Contains 2/3 Less Sugar Than Store Bought Cola

Why every bubble is better for you: SodaStream Cola vs store bought soda (serving size):

35 calories vs 100 calories

8g of sugar vs 27g of sugar

Now we know why they are called “big soda”

Source: Coca-Cola website -

We Don’t Fizz High Fructose

SodaStream flavors use natural cane sugar rather than High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS). They contain fewer calories and sugar which makes them better for you.

Simply the smarter choice

Every Store Bought Soda Can Contains 10 Teaspoons Of Sugar

10 Teaspoons of Sugar with Your Coffee Anyone?

Just the thought making you sick? So why would anyone agree to having 10 teaspoons of sugar with their soda!!!??? Yes, 10!

So next time you have a store bought Soda...


Source: Coca-Cola website -

Zero Calorie Bubbles

SodaStream has a wide range of diet and calorie-free options for the more calorie-conscious consumers.
Refreshing colas, iced teas, fruit flavored beverages and more can all be made at home, without the bottles and without the calories.

Now that's Smart Simple Soda!

Work Out, Drink Up

Nothing feels better than a good work out. Getting your hydration and energy levels back quickly can help you continue that great feeling throughout the day.

SodaStream's Isotonic range have added magnesium and vitamins to help boost your energy levels back up and keep you up and bubbling.

What's Good for You and Has Nothing In It?

SodaStream’s All Natural better-for-you bubbling beverages are made from all-natural ingredients and have:

  • No artificial flavors
  • No artificial coloring
  • No artificial sweeteners
  • No preservatives
  • No high fructose corn syrup

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