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Nous avons une vision d'une planète plus propre et plus saine. C'est ce que nous sommes et nous avons commencé une révolution pétillante.

Alors que « Big Soda » reste fidèle à son ancien modèle commercial et continue à fabriquer et transporter 629 milliards de bouteilles et canettes chaque année, chez SodaStream nous ne livrons pas d’eau, nous ne livrons pas de canettes, nous ne fournissons que les bulles.



500 Million Bottles and Cans are Produced in the U.S. Every Day

What it takes to manufacture these bottles:

Plastic - 2.7 million tons of plastic.

Poisonous Gas - When disposed, plastic bottles emit dangerous dioxins that remain in the atmosphere for 100 years.

Oil - 100 million barrels of oil. Enough to run 6 million cars for 1 year.

Water - Each bottle requires X5 its volume in water to manufacture. In a world where 1.1 billion people lack a secure source of water.

Source - Emily Arnold and Janet Larsen. "Bottled Water: Pouring Resources Down the Drain". 2006 Earth Policy Institute, Feb, 2006.

Humans Have Created a Garbage Island 2X The Size of Texas

Picture the North Pacific… beautiful isn’t it? NO it isn’t… any more. And it’s getting uglier every year. Over 300 Billion Bottles and cans uglier!

We are polluting our oceans, hard and fast. Between 1972 - 1987 no micro plastic was found in the majority of tested samples taken by scientists. Today, scientists estimate the swirling mass of waste known as the North Pacific Subtropical Gyre (NPSG) or the Great Pacific Garbage Patch is roughly twice the size of Texas and the abundance of small human-produced plastic particles in it, having increased by 100 times over the last four decades!
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Source: The Telegraph (online), Environment, 09 May, 2012.

Source: Euromonitor International Limited; USA & Global Soft Drinks Metal and Plastic Packaging, total unit volume in 2011.

It Takes 450 Years For The Average Plastic Bottle To Completely Degrade

We’re not talking about the lifetime of your children, or your children’s children, or even their children. If a generation is 25 years, then an average plastic bottle will be around for your great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-grand child’s first birthday!

Only 29% Of Plastic Bottles Are Recycled in The US

There has been a 20% increase in recycling over the last year and stats have doubled in the last seven years!

But don’t be so quick to applaud yourself - despite 80% of Americans having easy access to plastics recycling opportunities, 71% of bottles are still not being recycled! That's the equivalent of 2.6 million pounds of plastic each year.

Source: National Association for PET Container Resources (NAPCOR) 2011 study (published in January 2013)

1 SodaStream Bottle Saves 2,000 Bottles Each Year

Today, everything that SodaStream does falls under the functional philosophy of: SMART. SIMPLE. SODA.

These three little words encompass everything we are and everything we do, with "Smart" meaning less lugging, storing and most importantly less disposing of bottles and cans. That’s how one reusable SodaStream bottle can replace 2,000 bottles and cans per family.

Not all bubbles are created equal, ours have been set free… What do you think of that Big Soda.

Source: Euromonitor International Limited; USA & Global Soft Drinks Metal and Plastic Packaging, total unit volume in 2011.

Sodastream’s Cola Leaves a Footprint That Is At Least 70% Smaller Than The One Left By Store Bought Cola

A carbon footprint is the amount of carbon dioxide or other carbon compounds emitted into the atmosphere by the activities of an individual, company, country, etc.

The Carbon Trust has certified the carbon footprint of SodaStream cola and diet cola flavours with Fizz soda maker, as maintaining the requirements of PAS 2050: 2008 - an international standard for the assessment of lifecycle greenhouse gas emissions of a product or service.
The footprint certification also meets the requirements set out in the Footprint Expert™ Guide and the Code of Good Practice.

1 Carbonator Saves 180 Aluminum Cans or 40 Bottles

A single carbonator not only saves 180 aluminum cans or 40 bottles, it can also be refilled and reused again and again.
When empty, SodaStream takes back the cylinder to be cleaned, inspected, refilled and reused, multiplying those numbers into the thousands.

‘Precycling’ – Better than Recycling

Of the 3 R’s – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, The world has come to know the least environmental of the three – Recycle. At SodaStream, we believe in ‘Precycling’ - the practice of reducing waste by avoiding the usage of products that generate it.
We place an emphasis on reducing and reusing. With SodaStream you can reduce your consumption by thousands of bottles and cans simply by reusing 1 SodaStream carbonating bottle.

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